Family Farming in Montgomery Since 1946

The “LIBERTY” Story and Our History in Montgomery

My grandfather Stanley Maryanski came to America from Poland in 1912. He was one of the many who passed by the Stature of Liberty and entered through Ellis Island. When my grandfather started his foundry in Bloomfield in the 1920’s he named it Liberty Brass Foundry. This is where our name was derived. Once in America my grandfather had the love of many ambitions, a foundry owner, builder and foremost a farmer. During the early 1900’s he purchased and rented property in Belle Mead. This is where he farmed during the summers and weekends. My Grandfather owned three farms in Belle Mead between the 1930’s and 1960’s. They were located on Route 601 where Rick Grosso lives now, on River Road next to the Campbell Farm, and a second farm purchased in 1946 on Route 601 where we are currently located. Pictured below is Stanley in Belle Mead in 1938.

Stanley Maryanski in 1938 next to his
Liberty Brass Foundry truck at his
farm house in Belle Mead.

Stanley & Joe Wojciechowski in 1938
farming in Bell Mead with a grain binder.

Stanley Maryanski in Belle Mead.

Grain combine on the Belle Mead farm.

Grain combine on the Belle Mead farm.

I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather. He died in 1962 accidentally while operating a machine at his foundry. Growing up I made many family trips to the property to plant trees and manage the woodlands.

Liberty Farms, established in July of 2004, continues the family business name and tradition of farming in Montgomery. I currently live on a portion of my grandfather’s old farm in Belle Mead with my son, William, and daughter, Emily. We still continue the family tradition of farming the property and this is our 70th year.

William W. Rieth watering trees 2007.
The next generation (4th).

Emily planting trees in 2016.

Emily in a new field of Soy Bean 2016. Thanks to Bill Wagner!

Emily and William bringing water
to the sheep in 2017

William planting trees in 2016.

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