We are pleased to announce the return of animals to our farm!

In the Spring of 2015 we will have two St. Croix lambs (Rams). In the Spring of 2016 we plan to purchase one Ewe so we can start breeding them.

It's great to have animals back on the farm and we welcome parents and children to come and visit.

About the Breed

The St Croix (Saint 'Croy') is a breed of domestic sheep native to the U.S. Virgin Islands and named for the island of Saint Croix. They are often also called Virgin Island White because those that were imported into North America were selected for white coloration. On the Island of St. Croix, they come in shades of brown, white and black.

The breed is believed to be descended from African sheep that were brought to the Caribbean on slave ships, and is a breed of hair sheep which does not grow wool. The St Croix is a hardy tropical breed known for its parasite resistance, and is raised primarily for meat production. Breeders have crossbred the St Croix with other breeds to impart these important traits into their bloodlines. The St Croix breed is the foundation breed for Katahdin and Royal White breeds.


In addition to our sheep, there is always wildlife around the farm.

You'll never know what you may see!

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